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Inside The Mill

The following photos are of the interior of the Slack Shoddy Mill.  They clearly show both mill workers and machinery of the mill. 

The following photos of many interior views of the mill and its works are a wonderful gift from

These photos are over 100 years old.  Patricia is the daughter of Virginia Slack and J. B. Johnson (former Governor of the State of Vermont).  Virginia (Patricia's mother) was the daughter of W. H. H. Slack (one of the founders of the mill). 

Many thanks to Patricia for sharing these great images with all of us.  It is very much appreciated.


Machines in Mill





J T Slack in his office

notes on back of pic
John T Slack Corp, Springfield, Vt
About 1912

left to right:
James Coucher, Harlan Aldrich, Charles Grosvner, John T Slack, Julian Jacobs



Women working in the Rag room


WHH Slack and his brothers



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